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Jim Blasingame Charles Dickens's opening words in his classic, A Tale Of Two Cities, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," could have been said of the 20th Century. In what other century was there so much bloodshed and so much healing? So many precious things destroyed, and so many wonderful things created. So much hatred, and yet so much redemption. So much financial devastation, and so much wealth and prosperity created. What a paradoxical century the 20th was. I pray that what we've learned, and the price that we've paid, was enough to tip the 21st century's scales more toward the positive.

Here are 4 lists I wanted to share with you. Nothing too heavy. Just a little reflecting back and looking forward. There is no significance to the order in each list, except for the Number One choice. Enjoy. (By the way, if you make a list I would like see it.)

Top 10 things or people of the 20th century that I miss

10. Movies that didn't need a rating.

9. Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola in the little bottles, and root beer in a frosted mug.

8. French fries at McDonalds when they made them from scratch, on site.

7. American automobiles that actually had beautiful styling and real chrome (57 Chevy, 64 Ford Fairlane 500, 65 Mustang, 66 Pontiac GTO).

6. Star Trek - The Next Generation, The Lone Ranger, The Wonderful World Of Disney.

5. A little round-headed kid named Charlie, and his dog, Snoopy, and a little scruffy-headed kid and his tiger, Calvin and Hobbes (Charlie is not gone yet, but it won't be long, and I miss him already. I often identify with Charlie Brown, but I was Calvin.).

4. Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and Patsy Cline.

3. Soda fountains and juke boxes.

2. Politicians who were leaders first, and partisans second.

1. A society that didn't need police officers and metal detectors in schools.

Top 10 things or people of the 20th century I won't miss

10. Inflation (thank you Mr. Greenspan).

9. Eight track tape players.

8. The 55 mile per hour speed limit.

7. Vice President Dan Quayle.

6. Shag carpet.

5. My Underwood 5 typewriter (thank you Mr. Jobs and Mr. Gates).

4. President Johnson's Great Society and the resulting welfare state.

3. Bullet proof, double knit, polyester clothes (especially dress shirts).

2. Liberal control of Congress (definitely not good for small business).

1. People smoking everywhere.

Top 10 things or people I can do without in the 21st century

10. Professional wrestling.

9. The Jerry Springer show, The Howard Stern Show, et al.

8. National media sensationalizing the news, instead of just reporting it.

7. Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson.

6. Spam (the junk email, not the canned food).

5. Political correctness, at the expense of our sense of humor.

4. The designated hitter.

3. Politicians who have never had a real job, like Ted Kennedy.

2. Politicians who are anointed by virtue of their last name, like George W. Bush.

1. Bill and Hillary Clinton (nothing personal or political, I'm just tired of their soap opera).

Top 10 things I would like to see in the 21st Century

10. A cure for cancer, and world peace (I sound like a beauty pageant contestant, but, hey, it could happen.).

9. The Small Business Advocate Show in every U.S. market (sorry, but it is my list).

8. Politicians who aspire to be statesmen, not just re-elected (hope springs eternal).

7. Humans landing on Mars.

6. Space travel by regular folks (we're talking serious frequent flier miles here).

5. A law that ALL politicians, regardless of the office to which they aspire, must demonstrate an understanding of how our marketplace works. (I'll provide the test.).

4. Pay raises for teachers, police officers, and firefighters (Where are our priorities?).

3. Pay cuts for professional athletes and celebrities (Where are our priorities?)..

2. The Loch Ness Monster

1. My grandchildren grow up (First one's on the way.).

Write this on a rock... We have lived to see the change of the first digit of the four digit date field. WOW! We are in charge of starting a new millennium. Value your memories as you prepare for the future. Let's make something happen. Let's have some fun. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild and exciting ride.

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