Do You Search or Discover?

Terri Lonier

In working with scores of soloists over the past few decades, I've had a chance to be "up close and personal" with many as they chart their future. I'm always intrigued with the process people use to fill up the empty space on their calendars in the weeks and months ahead. There seem to be two common models, which I've outlined below. Take 60 seconds this week to consider which one fits you. (Or do you see parts of each in yourself?)

Model 1: The Searcher
These soloists pursue goals with a singular focus. They are laser beams in a candlelit room. They hunt, track down, and pursue their intended results. Possibilities outside the circle of focus are ignored as distractions. These individuals are bloodhounds on the trail, always pushing onward in search of the established end result.

Model 2: The Discoverer
These soloists are comfortable with uncertainty. They are willing to scan the horizon and wait for opportunities to appear, trusting that something interesting will show up. They are curious, intuitive, meandering. Don't think of them as passive - they know that waiting can be an active state.

Do you see yourself in either of these profiles? Is there a voice inside saying, "Ah, I could NEVER be that way," or, "Yes, that's my style"?

I believe that neither is "better" - they exist as two distinct ways to view the world. I've witnessed Searchers achieve great things with their focused energy. I've also seen Discoverers attract unexpected benefits because they were willing to remain open to unplanned opportunity.

What's important is that: a) you're aware of which lens you use to see the world; b) you recognize how that lens filters nearly every choice you make; and c) that living as a Searcher or Discoverer is a conscious decision.

-- Terri Lonier, Founder,
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