Do You Do Do-Overs?

Terri Lonier

How do you handle big wins -- or losses? In light of last week's political news, I've been considering how soloists adapt to major events in their business. See if you find yourself in any of these profiles...

1. Do-Over Demand.
When faced with a loss, do you demand a do-over? Do you hunt for outside forces to blame? Or perhaps worse, do you hold yourself to impossibly high standards and find fault with your every action? Recognize that success comes from experience, and that experience comes from making mistakes. It's a soloist's most valuable -- if painful -- teacher. On the flip side -- create do-overs for your successes by establishing systems so you can reproduce positive (and profitable) results.

2. Schadenfreude, anyone?
Schadenfreude is the delight one finds in the misfortune of others. (Yes, from a German word, and pronouned: SHA-den-froy-duh.) But don't let this emotion linger. Focusing too long on another's failure -- or even their success -- means you've lost sight of your own business.

3. Thrill of the hunt.
You've won the contract, sealed the deal. Now what? Do you find yourself crestfallen because now you actually have to
deliver on what you've promised? You're not alone -- I hear this from my coaching clients often. The challenge is to find as much satisfaction in executing the work as securing it. Or, refocus your business so that it better matches your rainmaking passion.

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