Attitude of Gratitude

Terri Lonier

With Thanksgiving arriving tomorrow (in the United States), it's appropriate to spend 60 seconds considering the role of gratitude in our lives. What does appreciation give to a soloist? These three things come to mind:

1. Gratitude shifts your focus.
It can be easy to fall into a pattern of highlighting only what is lacking in your life: not enough customers, engaging work, income, time, fun.... We all know such a list. Scientists report that consciously focusing on what is present in your life (instead of absent) creates a psychological and physical shift that dispels those grey clouds. Go ahead, pick up the pen and jot down at least 5 things you're thankful for in your life as a soloist. Perspective changed? Thought so. (For more on these findings, see the
article by Working Solo colleague Debbie Gilster.)

2. Gratitude softens life's hurts.
Building a successful solo company means gaining experience -- think of it as the "skinned knees" of the business world. It's painful at the time, but soon healed. When you can step back and be appreciative of the life path you have chosen, the hurts don't sting quite as much.

3. Gratitude deepens the meaning.
Being grateful enables you to expand your understanding of your role in a much bigger picture of life. You're using your talents, skills, and connections to design the life you want to live. That's radically different from the majority of individuals in the workforce today -- and something to be thankful for.

We all have much to appreciate, in spite of the many challenges we may face. And I am grateful for you, my kindred soloists, for joining me on this weekly journey. Thanks for being a reader.

-- Terri Lonier, Founder,
This article first appeared in the Working Solo newsletter:
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