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C. Edmund Wright
How did Romney lose the 2012 election? C. Edmund Wright joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that the factors that caused Romney to lose the 2012 election were born when the Republican Party departed from the principles o Reagan in 1992.
Rich Galen
What is the post mortem on the 2012 election? Rich Galen joins Jim Blasingame to discuss some of the reasons Republicans lost an election to a president presiding over one of the worst economic conditions in generations.
Steve Forbes
Why did Republicans allow Democrats to define their brand? Steve Forbes joins Jim Blasingame to explain that if you allow the competition to define your brand, as Republicans allowed Democrats in the 2012 election, you will lose.
Ken Gronbach
What demographic revelations resulted from the 2012 election? Ken Gronbach joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the demographic indicators from the 2012 election, the minority and youth influence.
Burton Folsom
What were the big surprises of the 2012 election? Burt Folsom joins Jim Blasingame to discuss some of the surprises that contributed to Obama's reelection, including unemployed people voting to reelect the president.
Bill Brandt
Which party is the best at the game of politics? Bill Brandt joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the two sides to the 2012 election: the demographic side & the tactical side, plus the two argue over whether Republicans are as politically-savvy as Democrats.
Terry Neese
What makes 2012 a tipping-point year politically? Terry Neese joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the especially high stakes that are on the table for Americans as they go to the polls to vote.
Governor Pete du Pont
Is the main stream media in love with Obama? Governor Pete du Pont joins Jim Blasingame to offer his perspective on how the press has historically treated favorite candidates, including President Obama.
Paul T. Conway
What is on the mind of Millennials during the 2012 election? Paul Conway joins Jim Blasingame to report on his work surveying Millennials (18-30 year-olds) about what they are focusing on during this election cycle.
Bill Brandt
Will the 2012 election forecast what America will become? Bill Brandt joins Jim Blasingame to debate whether the upcoming election will foretell what kind of country the majority of Americans want.