Melanie R. Sabelhaus

Interview with Melanie R. Sabelhaus

Melanie and Jim talk about the Small Business Administration and what they do for small business in the U.S. They discuss how the SBA is not only important to small businesses, but also to the national and global economies.

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Melanie joins Jim to help celebrate the opening of Small Business Week and to talk about the 2005 SBA Small Business Expo.
Melanie is more than a smart business woman, she’s a force. She joins Jim to wrap up his broadcast of the business matchmaking even in Nashville, Tennessee. She explains how business matchmaking has helped thousands of small business owners acquire millions of dollars in contracts. She also introduces two new features on the website, which are the virtual matchmaking resource and the training program for doing business with the government.
Melanie joins Jim to give a report on the SBA and it's 50th anniversary celebration in Orlando.
Jim and Melanie talk about National Entrepreneurial Conference and Expo and what small business owners can learn from it.