Jim Blasingame

The power of becoming a professional closer

Jim Blasingame reveals the power of being a professional sales closer, which means you’re always closing, from the first contact to the contract.

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Jim Blasingame reports on the recent Independence Day online poll about how people feel about the future of America, and his thoughts on what the poll results show.
Jim Blasingame reveals the Three U’s of the Apocalypse, and an update on third U, which is the different government assistance programs, including new rules and offerings from PPP and EIDL.
Jim Blasingame to report on the recent online poll about the future of America, and to discuss the fact that each of us can help sustain our country's greatness by being devoted to free speech.
Jim Blasingame reveals with original thought and quotes from smarter folks why – warts and all – America is still great and can become greater, but not if the current assault on free speech is allowed to continue.
Jim Blasingame reveals why every project or business period must include at least two projections, including one for how you think it will go, and at least one for what happens if you get hit by The Compounding Effect.