Dr. Jean Wilcox
Dr. Jane Cameron

Interview with Dr. Jean Wilcox and Dr. Jane Cameron

What do networking, expectation and words have in common? Jean and Jane join Jim to talk about this question and help you find the answer and more success in your small business.

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How is branding changing in the 21st century? Jean and Jane talks with Jim about how branding is morphing in the 21st century and how to be prepared for the changes.
Is international branding for small business different from domestic branding? Jane and Jean talk with Jim about what you should do to build a brand internationally.
The words we use in our branding message matter and Jean talks with Jim about how to develop branding words that match the service we provide.
You know about branding, but do you know how to do it on the Web? Jane and Jean join Jim to talk about how to put our best brand foot forward online.
How do you manage your brand image in a world where there are cell phone cameras and a website called Youtube? Jane and Jean join Jim to talk about how to make sure your brand stand for what you intend.