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Greg Sullivan
Greg Sullivan joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that if the bad guys want to get in, they can, but that you can defeat their automated attacks.
Greg Sullivan
Greg Sullivan joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how to think about the value of data, in that some is worth more than others, and how to secure it accordingly.
Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente joins Jim Blasingame to reveal what artificial intelligence is and how it can have a negative impact both short and long-term.

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Diane DiResta
Have you done your first Periscope Presentation? It’s a free live stream service you can access on your smart phone or tablet. » More
Steve DelBianco
When congressional allies of major retailers began advocating that a complicated nationwide Internet sales tax be imposed, it was a bad idea that Congress rightly rejected. Now they’ve come back wi... » More
Jim Blasingame
Small Business Advocate discusses the disconnect between Obama's recent actions and his words concerning the Internet and its usage. » More