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Joel Barker
Joel Barker joins Jim Blasingame to discuss tax inversion and large companies who are deserting American to receive lower taxes yet still want US benefits, plus why we should be clear on the implications of present-day policy that will have long-reaching affects on the future.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Kirk Cheyfitz joins Jim Blasingame to explain what net neutrality means and why small business owners should want it.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Kirk Cheyfitz joins Jim Blasingame to provide an update on where he thinks the marketplace is today with regard to his foresight about moving into the "post advertising age."

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Chris Ducker
Brain Trust member Chris Ducker discusses the benefits of 10 various social media tools his team uses on a regular basis that could help benefit your small business. » More
Jim Blasingame
The Small Business Advocate® Jim Blasingame discusses the similarities between the popular summer sporting event, the Tour de France, and your small business. » More
Joanne Black
Brain Trust member Joanne Black discusses the real purpose of the professional social network LinkedIn — facilitating conversations for your business, not transactions. » More