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Barbara Friedberg
Barbara Friedberg joins Jim Blasingame to recommend that the small investor should consider investing in Index Funds, rather than trying to pick stocks.
Jeff Zbar
Jeff Zbar joins Jim Blasingame to report on his experience in trying to collect payment from a customer, and the steps he took in the legal system to get a judgment and ultimately, his money.
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame talks about the challenges small businesses have when a disaster happens, like a fire, flood or storm, and how to prepare so you don’t go out of business.

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Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame reveals the most critical small business CEO tasks that result in success or failure like in the knowledge and practice of financial management fundamentals. » More
Jim Blasingame
Since most businesses have been deleveraging post-2008 financial crisis, you could be forgiven for getting rusty at how to ask for a loan from bank. But as the economy picks up and you need growth ... » More
Jim Blasingame
One of the markers of this post-recession, so-called recovery has been the practice of deleveraging. Across the economy, from consumers to businesses large and small, debt has become something to g... » More