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Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Diana Furchtgott-Roth joins Jim Blasingame to explain why most of President Obama’s ideas during his speech aren’t factual or won’t work in the real world.
Susan Steinbrecher
Susan Steinbrecher joins Jim Blasingame to talk about some of the principles of heart-centered leadership, including being true to yourself and paying attention to the words you use.
Chester Elton
Chester Elton joins Jim Blasingame to reveal six questions you should ask employees to get an idea about their level of engagement, especially for key employees.
Bill Brandt
Bill Brandt joins Jim Blasingame to comment on Elizabeth Warren’s announcement that she will not be a candidate for 2016, and whether that essentially anoints Hillary for the nomination.
Joel Barker
Joel Barker joins Jim Blasigname to report on new benchmarks from Iceland that can be used in the future to record whether water runoff has increased or not as a result of climate change.