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Scott Aurnou
Scott Aurnou joins Jim Blasingame to report on recent court decisions that impacts your expectation of privacy when dealing with law enforcement organizations, like the police and prosecutors.
Bob Dilenschneider
Bob Dilenschneider joins Jim Blasingame to propose that we consider that we can do more when it comes to helping those around us.
Lois Geller
Lois Geller joins Jim Blasingame to reveal why before you start executing marketing tactics, you must first formulate your strategy.
Katherine Crowley
Katherine Crowley joins Jim Blasingame to reveal why having regular meetings is a non-negotiable practice for any small business that wants to accomplish efficient growth.
Tamar Jacoby
Tamar Jacoby joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the magnitude and implications of the human crisis of thousands of children from Central America coming across the border.