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Carol joins Jim to debunk some of the myths about mental illness, especially depression and associated treatments.
Award-winning documentary film maker, Susan talks with Jim about her latest movie about the relationship between John Wayne and John Ford. She also talks about the business of making movies.
Brady joins Jim to celebrate National Coffee Day by reporting the results of research on coffee drinkers, followed by how to brew a good cup of coffee. They wrap up by discussing what makes a successful business model.
Sam and Jim talk about how fantasy sports has grown and can create both challenges and opportunities in your business. This interview also gives Jim the chance to talk about his disregard for modern baseball (since the 1994 strike).
John Stanton
John and Jim begin their visit paying tribute to Benjamin Franklin, on the 300th anniversary of his birthday. They move on to talk about John's recent visit to south Asia and what he found out about the small businesses in that region. Turns out, they're not that much different from the rest of us.
Andre and Jim continue their long-running series on intellectual property and why small businesses should pay more attention to the IP we produce, own and leverage.
Kenneth Davis
Ken talks with Jim about some of the origins of the TRADITIONS of Christmas, including where the date came from, the tree, gift giving, Santa Claus, and even mistletoe.
Chika thinks black Americans are economic slaves who can and should take control over their own destinies, rather than have a victim attitude and blame others for any misfortune they may have. Don't miss this interview.
Pierce Howard
Pierce talks with Jim about our sleep patterns, what he calls "sleep cycles," and how we can identify ours and use that information to our brain's advantage. If you're not getting enough rest, this may be the answer to your problem.
Bob Dilenschneider
Bob and Jim talk about the things they are thankful for, including America's heroes in the military. <br><br></["br"]></["br"]>

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