Jim Blasingame

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Websites and social media will work together in the future. Jim Blasingame talks about the good and bad about both websites and social media platforms, plus how the two worlds should work together.
Military veterans can bring leadership and discipline skills to small business. Jim Blasingame says when you see a resume or candidate with military experience, give them a chance to show you their leadership skills and discipline.
Don't forsake face-to-face opportunities for social media? Jim Blasingame talks about why the traditional networking groups, like the local Chamber of Commerce and your industry trade group, are still important to your business.
What would be a good title for a small business movie? Jim Blasingame talks about some of the titles that would work for a small business movie, like "In Harm's Way!" and "Against All Odds."
What would happen if any of your key employees were lured away? Jim Blasingame talks about "fear-based loyalty" during high unemployment and why you have to show your key folks how much they're valued before someone else does.
In the 21st century, customers have many connection options. Jim Blasingame talks about the challenges and complexity of finding and keeping customers in The Age of the Customer™.
Are you in danger of becoming irrelevant? Jim Blasingame tells a story about how in one moment, one company practiced The Age of the Customer™ sales strategy and another became irrelevant and never knew it.
What happens when union expectations conflict with reality? Jim Blasingame talks about the conflicts being waged within state governments about how to reconcile 20th century compensation promises with 21st century economic reality.
Have you had the "power of attorney" conversation with your family? Jim Blasingame talks about why you should have a conversation with family about power of attorney before you need it.
A business plan is important, but planning is essential. Jim Blasingame talks about the difference in business plans and business planning, plus specific planning activities that will help you operate your small business more successfully.