Jim Blasingame

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Jim Blasingame talks about testing prospective employees for personality and psychological traits to make sure you're not hiring an accountant-type to be a full-commission salesperson.
The U.S. government has an unsustainable business model. Jim Blasingame talks about America’s tenuous financial state and why it needs a turnaround plan before we become like Greece.
The president is not supposed to run the country. Jim Blasingame reminds us that Americans run America and the economy. Politicians are supposed to run the government, not the country or the economy.
Is your business lean and mean? Jim Blasingame reveals results of a recent Small Business Advocate poll which indicates that more small businesses are finding a way to survive with the sales they have.
As a small business owner, do you ever take a vacation? Jim Blasingame shares the recent poll results on taking a vacation and why it's so difficult to take time away from your business as the owner.
Small business owner, you are important. Jim Blasingame talks about the advocates for small businesses, such as Chambers, SCORE, etc., and why you're important - plus many large companies can't be successful without you.
Does your online presence "fit the eye" of your prospects? Jim Blasingame talks about the moment of relevance when prospects see your online presence and decide whether it "fits their eye" before you even know they exist.
Do you know the keys to success at the "moment of relevance?" Jim Blasingame offers 3 factors that will help you successfully negotiate the moment of relevance with customers and prospects.
Why is Wall Street at cross-purposes with Main Street? Jim Blasingame takes a look at Wall Street's management capitalism vs. investment capitalism and explains why looking at Wall Street with a jaundiced eye will not hurt you.
Who do you blame for the U.S. economic problems? Jim Blasingame breaks down America's economic challenges and explains why the only solution will come from the American electorate resisting the pandering of Washington.