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What is the best computer structure for your small business? Should you be peer-to-peer or server-based? Jim Blasingame talks about these two systems and helps you determine which one is best for you. He also reveals some new technology that makes going server-based easy for small business.
Take a lesson from McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc, who said his company didn't sell food, it sold fuel. Jim Blasingame talks about why small businesses should understand how the competitive differentiation process really works the way Mr. Kroc did.
Why there should be NO health care reform legislation this year. Jim Blasingame explains why this debate about how to pay for and deliver health care has become so politically acrimonious that it is impossible for a legislative product to produce anything that will be good for Americans.
Are you conscious of your spirit? You know, the force that drives your protoplasm around? Jim Blasingame talks about not only being aware of your spirit, but actually discovering it as a force and leveraging it to help you follow your entrepreneurial dream.
Does the public outcry over the health care reform debate demonstrate that American voters are taking back the political debate process? Jim Blasingame thinks it is and he talks about why America is the better for it.
What is the most important The Age of the Customer™ thought for small business success? Jim Blasingame talks about the REAL reason customers will do business with you in the future - and it's not your products or services.
What kind of economic recovery are we in for and how fast will it happen? Jim Blasingame talks about some of the issue around converting from a deep recession to a healthy recovery, including some of the challenges that have to be overcome and how long this could take.
In The Age of the Customer™, small businesses should be building their own online communities. Jim Blasingame talks about how to create the values of your online communities, and why you should not depend upon the public sites, like Facebook and Twitter, as the only way you connect with prospects and customers.
Small business owners: Don't wish your life away, even in a recession. Jim Blasingame talks about why you should keep all things in perspective during tough economic times.
Jim Blasingame talks about his thoughts on why the current health care reform debate should result in no legislation at all, because it current includes primarily government solutions with virtually no alternatives for market-based solutions, such as portability and the ability to buy heath insurance across state lines.