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Leave it to Jim Blasingame to do push the envelope, as he makes the case for pitching a big ten on Veterans' Day. Jim talks about the history of Veteran's Day and says this day should include all those who have worn the uniform.
What is the truth about capitalizing a small business? Jim Blasingame talks about the various sources of small business capital, including investment and debt, and what it takes to acquire either. He also talks about the most important source of capital - customers.
It's time to prepare your small business for 2010 and Jim Blasingame offers some insights, tips and best practices that will help you, including working with customers, your banker and other operational areas.
There is a danger, according to Jim Blasingame, of spending too much time inside of your four walls. There are several kinds of walls and Jim identifies them and talks about why we tend to hide behind them and how that can be dangerous for our small business future.
Understanding the recent economic impact on the different generations is critical to the survival of your small business, says Jim Blasingame, as he identifies how the coming recovery will influence the way people do business with us.
What would happen if small businesses became as politically organized as other interest groups, like unions and major industries? Jim Blasingame offers some insight into how the world would be a better place if political leaders were required to pay more attention to the policies that benefit small business.
What is the difference between your local chamber of commerce and the U.S. Chamber? Jim Blasingame explains how these two organizations are only somewhat similar and are not to be confused when it comes to small business participation.
The economic recovery is going to be a long process, according to Jim Blasingame, as he discusses his thoughts on the patience and resolve small businesses are going to need to ride out an extended recovery period.
Small business is not just tips and best practices, according to Jim Blasingame. There are intangible elements that are part of the philosophy of small business that entrepreneurs should also study and contemplate.
What's the difference between customer service and customer care? Jim Blasingame makes the distinction between these two terms, why it's important to know the difference and explains how to train your employees how to practice both.