Jim Blasingame

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On this Christmas Eve, Jim Blasingame defends his reputation as a scrooge while encouraging extending the holiday spirit of giving to help those in need all year round.
What are the intangibles that hold you together? Jim Blasingame is live on Christmas Eve to share an editorial from 1897, 'Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause,' and to talk about valuable intangibles.
Honor, duty, and sacrifice, even at - especially at - Christmas. Jim Blasingame shares a Christmas poem by James M. Schmidt to recognize the men and women in our armed forces who put themselves in harm's way for a grateful nation, even at Christmas.
"The greatest sin is an unlived life." Jim Blasingame is live on Christmas Eve with some insight from his friend, the late John O'Donohue proposed that one of the greatest sins is an unlived life.
Jim Blasingame reveals questions to ask yourself, as your business’ owner, about the new year; not only about the business’ performance – growth and gross profit – but also what you, the owner, need to do to find more balance.
Will there be tax cuts in the current tax debate? Jim Blasingame explains the current tax rate debate is about leaving taxes as they are or increasing them - not cutting them, plus he talks about the estate tax.
Want to give your business a good head-start on the new year? Jim Blasingame suggests a number of ideas for what he calls "December cleaning" so your business can start fresh in the new year with everything from stuff to employees to inventory - even customers are not immune to Jim's broom.
Jim Blasingame weighs in on the current debate including his belief that no taxes should be raised and the current rates should be made permanent. He also scolds Washington for favoring politics over leadership.
Internet sales is growing in double-digits, annually, compared to brick and mortar sales. Jim Blasingame talks about why you should offer e-shopping on your website, whether you're B2B or retail.
Why is e-customer service a big deal? Jim Blasingame talks about what e-customer service looks like for a small business, including tips and best practices on how to make it a reality for your business.