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The Age of the Customerâ„¢ is producing an interesting small business irony. Jim Blasingame reveals the irony that even though small businesses should be the most effective for The Age of the Customerâ„¢, too many will not take advantage of this position. Jim also explains how to solve the problem.
There are three parallel universes that small business must operate in, according to Jim Blasingame, as he reveals these three universes and offers insight into what you must do to successfully operate in them.
Revealing what he considers to be the 21st century small business "Silver Bullet," Jim Blasingame talks about why identifying, building, maintaining and servicing communities is a key competitive advantage every small businesses has.
Why is a VAT is a bad idea for America? Jim Blasingame talks about why a European style value-added tax is a bad plan for America on many levels, especially in how it will repress entrepreneurship.
Focusing on a capitalization plan for your small business. Jim Blasingame talks about the four sources of small business capital, which is best, how to acquire it and how to blend the different sources of capital together.
The impact of the health care law on economic recovery? Jim Blasingame delivers a sobering evaluation of the negative effect he thinks the health care law will have on economic recovery.
Protect your assets: Consider online data back-up. Jim Blasingame talks about his organization's experiences in backing up digital assets, why they most recently have turned to an online data back-up service and why he recommend this for you.
Are you celebrating the incremental accomplishments of your small business? Even just the fact that you've survived the Great Recession? Jim Blasingame talks about why you should do this and how.
America needs health care reform, not health care politics. Jim Blasingame talks about his 12-year history of encouraging market-based health care reform, and why the politically motivated proposals are more about political control than true reform.
Proposed financial regulations could hurt small business. Jim Blasingame talks about how new laws adding more banking and financial regulations could actually hurt small business, and he compares these proposals to the ill-advised Sarbanes-Oxley bill of 2002.