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How many canaries have to die? Jim Blasingame reports on the latest warnings about the potential financial disaster awaiting the U.S. if it doesn't get its fiscal house in order soon.
Do you know for sure that your employees are thanking customers? Jim Blasingame talks about the power of saying “Thank you” to customers and why saying "No problem" is a big problem.
According to John Naisbitt, the more high tech we have, the more high touch we’ll want. Jim Blasingame talks about the power of the original social media, face-to-face, and why you should never make customers touch technology unless there's something in it for them.
What are the new challenges of the recovery? Jim Blasingame reports on some of the current challenges of the recovery, including slow economic growth, rising inflation and interest rates.
Do you know how to build alliances? Jim Blasingame reveals why building strategic alliances can help you grow your business with the assets you have, and offers three types to consider.
The world has many problems that must be addressed with effective leadership. Jim Blasingame says finding the leaders to resolve 20th century expectations and 21st century reality is our number one global challenge.
What are the funding sources for small businesses today? Jim Blasingame talks about what small business owners say about how they prefer to fund growth, whether from a large bank, independent bank, credit union or none of the above.
How are you connecting with customers online? Jim Blasingame talks about the adoption rate of small businesses with social media compared to the evolution and future of websites.
What is the relationship between social media and websites? Small business expert, Jim Blasingame discusses why social media sites may exceed the importance of websites because they are easy to update and have built-in communities.
Websites and social media will work together in the future. Jim Blasingame talks about the good and bad about both websites and social media platforms, plus how the two worlds should work together.