Jim Blasingame

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Why is Wall Street at cross-purposes with Main Street? Jim Blasingame takes a look at Wall Street's management capitalism vs. investment capitalism and explains why looking at Wall Street with a jaundiced eye will not hurt you.
Who do you blame for the U.S. economic problems? Jim Blasingame breaks down America's economic challenges and explains why the only solution will come from the American electorate resisting the pandering of Washington.
America will default on its financial obligations. Jim Blasingame believes that America's will have no choice but to default on either its obligations to creditors or to its citizens over the next three years.
Today we remember our fallen soldiers. Jim Blasingame reflects on Memorial Day, how it began and what it means, and the volunteers known as the Minute Men by some but small business owners and employees by others.
Memorial Day is a poetic and meaningful holiday. Jim Blasingame reads from the Gettysburg Address by President Lincoln and a poem called "Freedom Isn't Free" from a Marine cadet to celebrate this meaningful Memorial Day.
Your customers' expectations have changed and are changing. Jim Blasingame talks about why what customers expect are changing all the time and what you have to do to keep up with them.
Jim Blasingame talks about the challenges of the unemployed in today’s economy and the difficulty businesses have in finding qualified employees.
Are you meeting your sales goals? Jim Blasingame talks about making sure your small business is moving away from Age of the Seller practices and in the direction of The Age of the Customer™ expectations.
Your greatest fear should be irrelevance. Jim Blasingame talks about The Age of the Customer™ and the changes in the way you connect to customers as they seek new solutions, plus how to stay relevant.
The "M" recovery continues. Jim Blasingame talks about his 2009 prediction that we were headed for an "M", for marathon, recovery, why recent polls make that prediction a prophecy and what that means for your small business.