Jim Blasingame

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How confident are small businesses about the economy? Jim Blasingame reveals the results of last week’s Small Business Advocate poll on the small business economy, including three levels of recovery response.
When do you change the DNA of your business from sole proprietor to a legal entity? Jim Blasingame discusses the reasons to form a corporation or LLC, and the triggers that should help you decide when to take action.
Are you asking customers how they prefer to be contacted? Jim Blasingame reveals the results of a Small Business Advocate poll which how we prefer a business connect with us electronically and discusses how these preferences will evolve.
America began with freedom and created the most benevolent country on the planet. Jim Blasingame reveals without the courage, vision and sacrifice of our Founding Fathers, entrepreneurs would not have flourished in America.
As Lincoln said, “We made the experiment; and the fruit is before us.” Jim Blasingame talks about the origins of America's entrepreneurial pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
Small Business Advocate poll reveals an early 2012 election trend. Jim Blasingame talks about the seeming perpetual – and exhausting – presidential campaigning, plus how poll respondents would vote for president if the election were held today.
Being a father is the hardest job you’ll ever love. Small business expert, father and grandfather, Jim Blasingame talks about the love that’s like no other – the tough love of a father.
Jim Blasingame talks about testing prospective employees for personality and psychological traits to make sure you're not hiring an accountant-type to be a full-commission salesperson.
The U.S. government has an unsustainable business model. Jim Blasingame talks about America’s tenuous financial state and why it needs a turnaround plan before we become like Greece.
The president is not supposed to run the country. Jim Blasingame reminds us that Americans run America and the economy. Politicians are supposed to run the government, not the country or the economy.